When Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin?

time to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin is a highly volatile cryptocurrency with a history of โ€œboom and bustโ€ cycles, in which its price surges and then plummets. So when the best time is to buy Bitcoin is a very good question! Bitcoin had been performing brilliantly, reaching an all-time high in April. However, starting last month, the price has been […]

Investing Tips For Beginners That You Have To Know

investing tips

Investing is a hard world to step into and we all needed some investing tips for beginners at one point. This article is for all the investing beginners that want tips to jump-start their earings. Although these tips are for investing beginners that shouldn’t limit to only them. I like to think a human has […]

Dividend Paying Stocks And Why You Should Be Using Them

Many investors regard dividend paying stocks as uninteresting, low-return investments. Dividend paying stocks are normally more mature and reliable than high-flying small-cap firms, whose volatility can be very exciting. Though some may find this uninteresting, the combination of a steady dividend paying stock and rising share prices may provide an earnings opportunity that is persuasive […]