Entrepreneurial Mindset Is The One Thing You Need To Succeed

Entrepreneurial Mindset

I know the title sounds like a clickbait bullcrap but I want you to know about this as I would have wanted someone to tell me about Entrepreneurial Mindset.

I was in the Armee (2019) at the time serving for Switzerland, my home country. I was placed in Davos where at the time the WEF was taking place. I was in charge of a small group that was tasked to keep the outside of the hotel safe 24/7 where Donald Trump stayed and many other Ministers. We set up all the cameras and programmed them so we had full control over them and had the whole area under control.

After all the set up we had a lot of time as all we did then was sit inside watching the cameras. We had no phones just books, comics and games. I was not much of a reader then but I had a book with me, and it gripped me so hard that I read it through in 2 nights which for me was unheard of!

That’s exactly what I am telling you! It’s funny how ink on paper can do that! But of course, it’s much more than that. The ink on this paper are thoughts, experiences and advice! This all got to me on that day and from then on my mindset started to change. I started to see the entrepreneurial mindset as the most important tool and not money or software. I learnt that Passive income is what I need and not a high paying job. By the way, I have a story on that if you are interested: Multiple streams of Income that you need!

You might have heard of the book or even the Author:

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Kiyosaki, R

In this masterpiece, Robert talks about his life growing up in Hawaii with his mother and father, his friends, work and of course is wisdom and knowledge he gained through his “Rich Dad” (not his biological one) and what his best and worst experiences were to achieve the millionaire status.

Its almost 2 years ago that I read this book and ever since I have been on the hunt for new ways to make money and methods to earn my own money and not to rely on my boss to be so kind to send me my money.

I learnt:

  • The right Mindset to have (Entrepreneurial Mindset)
  • New Habits
  • To be patient
  • That listening to the wrong people can ruin your life


It’s crazy how the entrepreneurial mindset is undervalued which is properly also the reason I like to talk and write about it so much. But it’s a fact that how you think and act on these thought defines how you live, how you treat people and how people treat you.

It defines how much you work on your dreams and how much money you make.

Ever since reading this about 300-page book I realised that if I want to be someone and make myself a living I will have to work for it and that no one else will be doing this for me. So I started building up my digital empire.

You really have to change your habits! And this works closely with the mindset. For example: Getting up at 5 am to have time to meditate or work on your business. You will not do this if you don’t have the mindset of a millionaire.

Habits can change your life for the positive but also for the negative. As mentioned getting up at 5 am to have time for yourself is an example you a fantastic habit. But there are also habits like watching Netflix as soon as you get home from work, eating unhealthy, chilling on the phone too much.

Start by making small changes to Life and you will see these will often have knock-on effects.

If you start eating healthy you will feel much better and get more done. Not being on the phone until night will help you sleep better. There are endless examples.

Rarely things come without putting in the work for it. And when you put in the work it often takes time as well. I just recently heard of a massive Youtuber that posted for 5 years before getting to where he is today. You know him as “misterbeast” He now has over a 63Million Subs. It takes an incredible about of strength and patients to go for 5 years before seeing good results!

This doesn’t mean you just turn away when you feel like someone is talking smack! Always have an open ear but keep in mind sometimes they don’t know what they are talking about or a frustrated. Do your own deep research and act on what you feel to be right. Listen to those whom you really trust and know that they are “qualified”.

A little example:

I started my small business a year ago and was in the process of getting it registered. My wife (who is not “ Qualified”) was heavily against it since she thought I should wait until we move to our new house. She thought it was all too complicated and yes it was complicated and took me a lot of work. But I did it and I am glad I did back then!

If you are looking for more advice from qualified and experienced entrepreneurs I highly suggest you visit Business Mode on Medium. There we talk about more topics with step by step guides as well.

I recommend “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” to everyone who feels like there is more in life than getting up at 7 am to go to work and come back at 5 pm. To everyone who wants to say when its time to go on holiday and not to ask your boss first.

I even recommend it to those who think they know what they are doing in life and think they are happy where they are. Reading this might well change this attitude for good.

You can pick the Book up for a few bucks here.

These few bucks were my best investment so far. Remember… Investing in yourself is the best investment!

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